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Some quick reference visual guides show the steps of performing CPR, using AED and criteria of high-quality CPR, etc. You are welcome to download them by simply right click the image and save it. If you would like to find more information about CPR and AED, please visit the Knowledge and Skills sessions of this website!

Teaching Manuals

EMU Resus Training App

It is not only providing the practical and technical knowledge of COCPR, but also including a step-by-step guide of doing CPR and using AED, quiz and video

You can download this app from both App Store and Google Play, it is free of charge. The keyword for searching is ‘EMU Resus Training’ and the developer is named ‘HKU EMU’ or ‘HKU Emergency Medicine Unit’.

AED Hunt App

It is not limited to the information on practical and technical aspects of COCPR and AED, but also provided a platform for general public to search for the AED available around them.

This app is available free of charge for all to download from both App Store and Google Play. The keyword search for this app is ‘HKU EMU AED’ and the developer is named ‘HKU TELI’.